Alan Hunt Prints


Tender Interlude, Tigeress and Cub

by Alan Hunt

Image size: 23" x 16"

Limited Edition of only 385 prints worldwide

Each print is individually checked, numbered and signed by the artist

This Limited Edition Print has been printed with lightfast inks on acid-free, high grade board from environmentally conscious paper suppliers.


Alan M Hunt was born in England, studying zoology at Leeds College and Bristol University. His artist training came from Middlesborough Art College. This background of scientific and artistic skills causes Alan to call himself "the zoologist who paints wildlife".
Alan has worked with animals in the wild and in captivity - in parks, zoos, and reserves. Indeed, he has used his ability as a naturalist-guide for bird watchers and others interested in nature around the world.

Alan's artist life began in earnest after others showed a great deal of interest in his paintings. Over the years, he has exhibited his work in museums, galleries and other locales worldwide. His wildlife art hangs in public and private collections.
A devoted conservationist, Alan is constantly seeking new ways to help environmental groups raise funds. Beyond his art, Alan makes whatever financial contributions he can to conservation, as he considers animals first and foremost.

He now concentrates his work solely on endangered species in order to bring their plight to draw as much attention as possible to their threatened survival. "Humans are destroying wildlife and the planet, and we are animals, too," says Alan. "If my son doesn't get to see half the wildlife in his lifetime I've seen, I'll feel very guilty. Rather than become famous as a painter, I would like to be remembered as someone who tried to make people aware of the need to protect the environment and the planet."